Five brothers, one dream.

What started as a simple hobby quickly became a passion. In 1988, the eldest of the Cooper clan, Rhaudal Jr., found himself behind the grill during family get togethers. The second and third oldest brothers, Torris and Kelvin quickly got in the game. The brothers experimented with and perfected the art of grilling, eventually taking the two youngest under their wings. Each year, the brothers happily came together to cook and cater family events. A little more than 10 years later, the Coopers decided it was time to turn their art into a business.

The Original Coops Kitchen BBQ opened in 1999 in an outdated delivery truck, which was converted to a unique mobile BBQ Food Truck. Soon after, the Miami Dade Fire Fighters Association hired the Coopers to cater their Annual Family Picnic. “Because of the many skills we learned from doing our own family events, we were able to execute and perform at a high level,” says Torris. More than 2,500 plates were served and the customers were more than satisfied. When the partygoers started inquiring about hiring the Coopers for additional events, the brothers knew they were headed for success.

Since opening in 1999, Coops Kitchen BBQ has triumphantly transformed into Coops Pit BBQ. They contribute their success to the love and support they received from their loyal customers over the years, as well as their hard work and dedication.

“To take something as simple as BBQING at family reunions, and transitioning it to a concept and business model, has been quite rewarding to say the least.”

Passion is an understatement. The Cooper brothers don’t settle for less than making their loyal customers as happy as they can. This means constantly experimenting and learning new tricks of the trade to enhance their already-tasty products.
Over the years, the brothers perfected both their craft and BBQ Sauce in Sunny South Florida for their craving customers.  Now, everyone is able to enjoy these premium BBQ sauces on their favorite dishes.